Keeping Detailed Records for Pivot Maintenance

One of the best ways to care of your irrigation equipment is to keep detailed records. Record keeping is the best way to identify worn components is to keep record if the outlet pressure, flow rate, hours of operation and energy use. This evaluation of the pump and motor performance will allow you to identify issues quickly and help retain the value of your investment.

Used irrigation equipment, when well cared for, can retain substantial value. A professional used-irrigation equipment sale company like can resale a used pivot or linear for a reasonable price when quality is maintained and good records are kept.

An evaluation of pump and motor performance on pivots should identify the overall operating efficiency and provide the pump outlet pressure, system flow rate, and energy use rate. This information provides a base point for future evaluations.

Used irrigation equipment is durable, but performs best and retains the most value when cared for through the diligence of evaluating and keeping detailed records. And when you’re ready to purchase used irrigation equipment, trust our experts at to sell you quality, well-maintained used irrigation equipment.

Winterizing Irrigation Equipment to Retain Quality and Value is a sister company of Mid-Continent Irrigation, a family owned irrigation equipment and service company with 30 years of experience in pivots, linears and other irrigation equipment. In our 30 years of business, we have seen the durability and longevity of irrigation equipment – which is one of the reasons we can easily sell good-quality, used irrigation equipment.

Used irrigation equipment retains value when it’s well cared for. And while farmers can be diligent in the care of the tractors, planters and combines, irrigation equipment can be pushed aside. For the longevity of your irrigation system and for the potential resale value of your used irrigation equipment, be sure to check out our fall maintenance ideas:

In preparation for winter, here are some winterization suggestions for protecting your irrigation equipment:

  • Park pivots in a safe location, protecting it from wire theft, wind direction and rodents. An inaccessible location that points into or away from the wind is advisable.
  • Drain your pumps to the lowest point they can hold water. Inspect gauges, supply and control wire. Examine your engine, paying special attention to engine oil, bearing and seal lubrication.
  • Drain any aboveground portions of that system exposed to freezing.
  • Inspect and lock down power supplies.
  • Fix or replace any sprinklers.
  • Record the improvements and repairs needed for each system. Inspect your equipment and keep a list of needed repairs, then assign the repairs to an employee or your repair crew.