Getting more value from less water with used irrigation equipment

Getting more value from less water is what every farmer wants; increased yield and less expenses. Irrigation – the equipment, water and resources – can be an expensive and time-consuming aspect of business.

Buying used irrigation equipment from a trusted source can bring value to your farm and give you more for less. Uniform water application applied at the right time can improve growth and quality, and reduce waste. Used center pivots, linears, pumps and motors save on upfront equipment cost; but used irrigation equipment that was well-maintained and evaluated by experts can provide proven results season after season.

As a leader in the industry, our irrigation equipment experts have seen and worked on irrigation equipment from most major manufacturers. The quality and abilities of our used irrigation equipment will give you more value for less.

Buying Used Linears Can Increase Efficiency

Linears are one of the more effective and efficient forms of irrigation. By covering up to 98% of a field, linears help farmers tackle any shaped field, providing many advantages.

Our experts at have many years of experience with new and used irrigation equipment, and whether it’s new sales, used sales or service – our team understands the value of a quality linear. Linears also do more than irrigate, and many can provide chemigation, fertigation, germination and can decrease leaching. Additionally, linears have reduced labor expenses and can deliver low rates of water to eliminate runoff.

When seeking used irrigiation equipment and used linears, it’s important to trust this large purchase to professionals with a wide understanding of the field and are knowledgeable about manufacturers. Only then can you ensure you’re purchasing a valuable and quality piece of used irrigation equipment that will increase your profitability. Contact us to find out how we can help you buy used irrigation equipment at an affordable price.