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Our irrigation equipment team has a long history maintaining new and used center pivots, linears and all components of irrigation equipment. And while we are familiar with all brands and manufacturers, our team has come to trust and recommend Valley Irrigation as a leader in irrigation equipment innovation and quality.

Manufactured by Valmont Industries, Valley center pivots are known for engineering, reliability and value. Valley pivots were the first in the industry and have a long history of innovation and unmatched quality. Farmers have come to rely on Valley pivots, and all Valley irrigation equipment, for durability and dependability in the field, which makes it an idea choice to resell or to purchase used.

When buying new or used irrigation equipment the decision comes down to what will improve yields and the bottom line. With over 30 years if experience in the irrigation business, we highly recommend Valley irrigation equipment. And as a trusted source for buying used irrigation equipment, we can speak to the quality and durability of all the used irrigation equipment we sell.

Getting more value from less water with used irrigation equipment

Getting more value from less water is what every farmer wants; increased yield and less expenses. Irrigation – the equipment, water and resources – can be an expensive and time-consuming aspect of business.

Buying used irrigation equipment from a trusted source can bring value to your farm and give you more for less. Uniform water application applied at the right time can improve growth and quality, and reduce waste. Used center pivots, linears, pumps and motors save on upfront equipment cost; but used irrigation equipment that was well-maintained and evaluated by experts can provide proven results season after season.

As a leader in the industry, our irrigation equipment experts have seen and worked on irrigation equipment from most major manufacturers. The quality and abilities of our used irrigation equipment will give you more value for less.

Buying Used Linears Can Increase Efficiency

Linears are one of the more effective and efficient forms of irrigation. By covering up to 98% of a field, linears help farmers tackle any shaped field, providing many advantages.

Our experts at have many years of experience with new and used irrigation equipment, and whether it’s new sales, used sales or service – our team understands the value of a quality linear. Linears also do more than irrigate, and many can provide chemigation, fertigation, germination and can decrease leaching. Additionally, linears have reduced labor expenses and can deliver low rates of water to eliminate runoff.

When seeking used irrigiation equipment and used linears, it’s important to trust this large purchase to professionals with a wide understanding of the field and are knowledgeable about manufacturers. Only then can you ensure you’re purchasing a valuable and quality piece of used irrigation equipment that will increase your profitability. Contact us to find out how we can help you buy used irrigation equipment at an affordable price.



Buying or Selling Used Irrigation Equipment with the Professionals

Good decisions about irrigation equipment can improve your bottom line and your yield. But purchasing the equipment and technology can come at a high price. Our irrigation equipment experts at Mid-Continent Irrigation started to help farmers access affordable, quality used irrigation equipment to increase their bottom line.

At, our extensive knowledge of all manufacturers allows us to offer well-cared for, high-quality center pivots, linears, pumps and other used irrigation equipment items at a price that is fair for the seller and buyer. Trusting our team when buying used irrigation equipment will give you confidence that you’re purchasing durable equipment that will increase your bottom line.

Contact us to sell or buy used irrigation equipment for a return on your investment that’s hard to beat.

Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiency Calculator for Tracking Used Irrigation Equipment

What if we told you that $1.99 could save you thousands in maintaining your used irrigation equipment? This year, University of Nebraska Lincoln developed an application to help easily target under-performing pumps.

UNL’s previous studies indicate that pumps often use 30-50% more energy than expected by the Nebraska Pumping Plant Performance (NPC) criteria. Through this app, you can evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation equipment by inputting numbers related to pumping lift, pressure at the discharge, acre-inches of water pumped, fuel price and total fuel used. This app calculates a pumping plant performance rating and an estimated cost to bring the pumping plant up to standard, along with the number of years necessary to pay back the investment at various interest rates.

Caring for your used irrigation equipment is vital to the health of your crop and your livelihood. Also, maintaining performance of your pivots, linears and pumps will help the long-term value of your used irrigation equipment – an investment that can retain substantial value if cared for.

Keeping Detailed Records for Pivot Maintenance

One of the best ways to care of your irrigation equipment is to keep detailed records. Record keeping is the best way to identify worn components is to keep record if the outlet pressure, flow rate, hours of operation and energy use. This evaluation of the pump and motor performance will allow you to identify issues quickly and help retain the value of your investment.

Used irrigation equipment, when well cared for, can retain substantial value. A professional used-irrigation equipment sale company like can resale a used pivot or linear for a reasonable price when quality is maintained and good records are kept.

An evaluation of pump and motor performance on pivots should identify the overall operating efficiency and provide the pump outlet pressure, system flow rate, and energy use rate. This information provides a base point for future evaluations.

Used irrigation equipment is durable, but performs best and retains the most value when cared for through the diligence of evaluating and keeping detailed records. And when you’re ready to purchase used irrigation equipment, trust our experts at to sell you quality, well-maintained used irrigation equipment.

Winterizing Irrigation Equipment to Retain Quality and Value is a sister company of Mid-Continent Irrigation, a family owned irrigation equipment and service company with 30 years of experience in pivots, linears and other irrigation equipment. In our 30 years of business, we have seen the durability and longevity of irrigation equipment – which is one of the reasons we can easily sell good-quality, used irrigation equipment.

Used irrigation equipment retains value when it’s well cared for. And while farmers can be diligent in the care of the tractors, planters and combines, irrigation equipment can be pushed aside. For the longevity of your irrigation system and for the potential resale value of your used irrigation equipment, be sure to check out our fall maintenance ideas:

In preparation for winter, here are some winterization suggestions for protecting your irrigation equipment:

  • Park pivots in a safe location, protecting it from wire theft, wind direction and rodents. An inaccessible location that points into or away from the wind is advisable.
  • Drain your pumps to the lowest point they can hold water. Inspect gauges, supply and control wire. Examine your engine, paying special attention to engine oil, bearing and seal lubrication.
  • Drain any aboveground portions of that system exposed to freezing.
  • Inspect and lock down power supplies.
  • Fix or replace any sprinklers.
  • Record the improvements and repairs needed for each system. Inspect your equipment and keep a list of needed repairs, then assign the repairs to an employee or your repair crew.


Experience and Expertise to Buy and Sell Used Irrigation Equipment

When it comes to buying and selling used irrigation equipment, there are many choices. is a division of Mid-Continent Irrigation and has the experience to buy and sell your used irrigation equipment.

Mid-Continent Irrigation, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in Fremont, Nebraska, with over 30 years of experience in new and used irrigation equipment. While we sell new Valley brand irrigation equipment and Sukup brand grain bin equipment in our local area, we service all brands of irrigation/grain bin equipment. This allows us expertise to evaluate and buy and sell used irrigation equipment, including used center pivots and linears.

For a fair valuation, a quick sell and a knowledgeable source, contact us at


Used Irrigation Equipment Fall Maintenance

Farmers across the country realize the value their irrigation equipment plays in their overall success each growing season. And because of this, whether your irrigation equipment is used or new, regular maintenance is critical to reliability throughout the season.

Because of the design of irrigation equipment, particularly center pivots and linears, even a very short down-time in mid-season can cause excessive crop water stress. And as fall is approaching it’s important to consider a fall maintenance plan to prevent these types of downtime. Here are some maintenance suggestions for your new and used irrigation equipment:

Gearboxes: drain off accumulated water and top off with the proper lubricant
U-joints: check for wear and repair or replace
Pivot point: grease, check control tabs and check alignment
Alignment switches: check for secure mounting and electrical connection and good switch action
Tires: check air pressure and tire integrity
Overall: check for loose wires, nuts and bolts

Fall maintenance of your used irrigation equipment will ensure reliability and help it retain its value.

Trusting the Professionals to Sell Your Used Irrigation Equipment

Selling used pivots, and used irrigation equipment in general, can be a tough market. When trying to sell used pivots it can be difficult to ascribe an appropriate value and market the equipment to viable prospects.

At our business is selling used irrigation equipment. We know the value of used center pivots and have an extensive database that will help us price your equipment appropriately to fit the market. We only charge a small percentage of the listing price (10-15%), depending on the type of sale and can market your used irrigation equipment on a local Nebraska platform and a nation-wide platform through an online marketplace.

The need for used pivots in the agricultural field is abundant and our experts at know how to price and market your used irrigation equipment. Contact us to learn how!