Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiency Calculator for Tracking Used Irrigation Equipment

What if we told you that $1.99 could save you thousands in maintaining your used irrigation equipment? This year, University of Nebraska Lincoln developed an application to help easily target under-performing pumps.

UNL’s previous studies indicate that pumps often use 30-50% more energy than expected by the Nebraska Pumping Plant Performance (NPC) criteria. Through this app, you can evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation equipment by inputting numbers related to pumping lift, pressure at the discharge, acre-inches of water pumped, fuel price and total fuel used. This app calculates a pumping plant performance rating and an estimated cost to bring the pumping plant up to standard, along with the number of years necessary to pay back the investment at various interest rates.

Caring for your used irrigation equipment is vital to the health of your crop and your livelihood. Also, maintaining performance of your pivots, linears and pumps will help the long-term value of your used irrigation equipment – an investment that can retain substantial value if cared for.