Keeping Detailed Records for Pivot Maintenance

One of the best ways to care of your irrigation equipment is to keep detailed records. Record keeping is the best way to identify worn components is to keep record if the outlet pressure, flow rate, hours of operation and energy use. This evaluation of the pump and motor performance will allow you to identify issues quickly and help retain the value of your investment.

Used irrigation equipment, when well cared for, can retain substantial value. A professional used-irrigation equipment sale company like can resale a used pivot or linear for a reasonable price when quality is maintained and good records are kept.

An evaluation of pump and motor performance on pivots should identify the overall operating efficiency and provide the pump outlet pressure, system flow rate, and energy use rate. This information provides a base point for future evaluations.

Used irrigation equipment is durable, but performs best and retains the most value when cared for through the diligence of evaluating and keeping detailed records. And when you’re ready to purchase used irrigation equipment, trust our experts at to sell you quality, well-maintained used irrigation equipment.