Center Pivots in History – A Farming Staple

In the late 1940s, Frank Zybach of Strasburg, Colo., introduced his center pivot irrigation system to his small farming community. And while it was not quickly embraced by his community, his center pivot would be a staple of modern-day agriculture – even in the 2016.

The first model of the center pivot was referred to as a “self-propelled center pivot overhead sprinkler irrigation machine” by the Irrigation Association. And farmers were not convinced of its usefulness – as it left 5-acres in each corner of the field dry. After perfecting his design and gaining funds and building space, Zybach’s idea caught on and manufactured 10 center pivot systems from 1952 to 1954.

In 1947 Zybach licensed his patent to Robert B Daugherty of Valley Manufacturing, out of Valley, Neb. Valley Manufacturing spent years refining the pivot to be a reliable and study piece of irrigation equipment.

oday, center pivots are still widely used and sought after. And seeing a need of providing affordable center pivot systems, our team at Mid-Continent Irrigation in Nebraska decided to start – a resource for used center pivots. By providing quality used center pivots to farmers in Nebraska and across the country, we know we are able to fill an important need in the agriculture community.