Used Irrigation Equipment Fall Maintenance

Farmers across the country realize the value their irrigation equipment plays in their overall success each growing season. And because of this, whether your irrigation equipment is used or new, regular maintenance is critical to reliability throughout the season.

Because of the design of irrigation equipment, particularly center pivots and linears, even a very short down-time in mid-season can cause excessive crop water stress. And as fall is approaching it’s important to consider a fall maintenance plan to prevent these types of downtime. Here are some maintenance suggestions for your new and used irrigation equipment:

Gearboxes: drain off accumulated water and top off with the proper lubricant
U-joints: check for wear and repair or replace
Pivot point: grease, check control tabs and check alignment
Alignment switches: check for secure mounting and electrical connection and good switch action
Tires: check air pressure and tire integrity
Overall: check for loose wires, nuts and bolts

Fall maintenance of your used irrigation equipment will ensure reliability and help it retain its value.