Valley CommanderVP©  provides complete remote control and monitoring of irrigation machines from your desktop of mobile device, via Valley 365. It mounts inside the panel, is delivered fully activated, and processes command at industry-leading speeds. Available only from authorized Valley dealers.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Water volume applied by field or angle
  • Acres/inches applied by field or angle
  • Pump and auxiliary output run times by field or angle

Field-Changeable Cell Modem

  • Replaceable daughter cards are compatible with virtually all cellular systems around the globe
  • Allows change of cell carrier if the module is moved to a different field not served by the current carrier
  • Prevents changes in-cell technology, service territories, or phone company mergers from making module obsolete

Email & Text Alerts

The broad range of user-selectable text message and email alerts, including:
Start, Stop, Direction Change, Stuck, Safety, Pressure, Power On/Off, Water On/Off, Auxiliary On/Off, Low/Bad Battery, and Cable Theft

Third-Party API Links

Current API monitoring links to multiple ag software partners, including:
Ag Connections, CropMetrics, DN2K, iCropTrak, MapShots, Servi-Tech, HydroBioARS, AgriTrend, Granular Ag and Irrinet

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Capability

  • Increase the efficiency of your water and chemical application
  • Optimize your yields
  • Upload VRI prescriptions remotely

Cable Theft Detection & Optional Pump Control*

  • Cable theft kit for year-round monitoring and alerts of cable theft in progress
  • Auxiliary modules to fully automate control of remotely located pumps and chemigation


*Additional hardware or subscription required.

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