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Nelson® Irrigation offers a full line of water application products designed for your specific field conditions and crops that result in higher yields and quality at harvest. Unmatched innovation in irrigation from Nelson has brought about years of revolutions, such as Rotator® technology on drops and Big Gun® sprinklers.

Rotating Sprays

  • Greater Throw Radius
  • Higher Uniformity
  • Versatile Modular Design

Fixed-Spray Sprinklers

  • A fixed-spray designed with future needs in mind
  • Features a flip-over cap to change spray patterns as irrigation needs change
  • Easily convertible to LEPA

Pressure Regulators

  • Precision manufactured to feature a patented dampening system, plug resistance, and expanded flow range.
  • “Single Strut” technology is now standard in all models of pressure regulators.
  • Patented design minimizes “hair-pinning” of debris around the inlet seat of the pressure regulator, reducing the potential for debris plugging.
  • Also available with integral connection.

End of Pivot

  • A worldwide reputation for quality, performance, and support.
  • Full and part-circle end guns available in a variety of trajectory, nozzle, and coating options.
  • Hand adjustable stops for precise arc control.
  • Total of nine ball bearings, all sealed and lifetime lubricated for long wear life and reliability.
  • SR Series has the same slow forward and reverse speeds, increasing stability and improving uniformity.
  • Patented pressure and flow compensating drive spoon eliminates need for adjustments.
  • Consistent brake load provides consistent resistance to rotation over the life of the gun.
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