Remote Devices

Man looking at iPad using Autonomous Crop Management Technology


Valley ICON Link is a remote management module designed exclusively for and included with every Valley ICON®  smart panel.

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Weather Station Device

Weather Station

Access to accurate weather data is one of the best ways to ensure increased yields, and Valley Weather Station is an important tool to detect current weather conditions and analyze historical weather patterns.

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Pump Command Navigation

Pump Command

Save time and resources with wireless remote monitoring, plus control all of your pumps and link them to your fleet of pivots or linears. Valley Pump Command® is like an easy button for your pumping – just turn your pivots on, and your pump station takes care of itself.

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Grain Trac Remote Devices

Grain Trac

Grain Trac takes the worry out of grain storage and cuts back on the number of times you have to visit your bin sites by remotely monitoring grain temperature.

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Valley Crop Link Pro

Crop Link

Valley® Crop Link®  provides growers with the flexibility to monitor and control many types of equipment on the farm with one simple device.

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Valley Irrigation 8000 Series Center Pivot


Valley CommanderVP©  provides complete remote control and monitoring of irrigation machines from your desktop of mobile device, via Valley 365.

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Valley Aqua Trac Lite Technology

Aqua Trac

The Aqua Trac is a standalone solar-powered unit that utilizes soil moisture probes and sensors so you can track and measure soil moisture conditions in your fields remotely.

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Valley Irrigation Field Commander

Field Commander

The industry-leading Valley® Field Commander incorporates patented GPS technology to remotely monitor and control irrigation systems on the Valley 365™ platform.

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